Stop searching for coupons.
Vouch does it for you.

Vouch is a free browser extension that automatically finds & applies the best coupon to your cart. You won't need to visit another irritating coupon code website again.

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› No spyware, no ads, no toolbars!
› Reveals codes on voucher sites instantly
Tells you when a store doesn't offer codes

Works on 100s of sites, including:

Argos Dunelm eBay UK Miss Selfridge Thomson Wilko


What is Vouch?
A free browser extension that automatically finds and applies discount codes for the website you're shopping on, saving you the hassle of searching for codes yourself. Vouch will also reveal all codes on other voucher code websites meaning the end of irritating "click to reveal".
Which browsers are supported?
Vouch works on desktop versions of Firefox & Chrome. Safari support will be added very shortly.
What stores does Vouch work with?
Over 8,000 as of May 2021, and more are being added every day. From Amazon to Zazzle, you can find a full list here.
Does Vouch support stores outside the UK?
Not currently. The focus has been on UK stores, but more countries will be added shortly.
What does it mean when the Vouch icon is 'inactive'?
Vouch only works with websites where we can provide discount codes or where the store is supported. If the icon is inactive, this means Vouch is off.
How do I apply the discount code to my basket?
When Vouch can apply a discount code to your order, it will slide out and appear with the 'TRY CODES' button enabled. Once you click that, Vouch will cycle through each valid code and test it, to save you the hassle. It'll then apply the best discount code for you. If the store isn't supported yet, Vouch won't be able to apply the code automatically, but the Vouch team is adding more stores every day.
Can I add my own Store to Vouch?
Unfortunately requests for new stores isn't something that we're focussing on, the focus for the time being is to add existing, larger stores. However this may change in future, so please keep checking back.
I've downloaded the extension but it isn't working! Please help.
For any questions or problems related to the extension itself, please go to the Helpdesk ›
How do you make money? Is there a catch?
There is no catch. Vouch was created out of frustration at the process of finding & testing discount codes individually: many don't work, many discount code websites are useless. And no, the team behind Vouch don't make any money currently from the plugin, but there are several ideas that are being explored. We'll keep you posted!
How do you use my data? Do you collect information on what I buy?
Vouch takes its users' privacy extremely seriously and does not collect information on what you buy, does not collect your credit card details, nor your browsing habits. Vouch collects automatically-generated information such as log data, cookies, data about the success or failure of codes applied to your cart, and some other types of information via Google Analytics. To opt out of tracking with Google Analytics, visit: For more information please see our privacy policy.
I have another question...?
Please visit the Helpdesk to get in touch.